CG Blue Planet:

Canadian based CGBluePlanet Studio is one of the best providers of external digital entertainment production.
CGBluplanet helps clients leverage outsourcing to generate the extra flexibility their projects demand. CGBlueplanet provides high quality digital entertainment production including Graphic Design, 2D art, 3D art, Matte painting and 3D animation.

The “Sea of Giants” app is a classic point and click game that has been developed for Zoolax Inc. by the CGBlueplanet team.
It has been in the top 25 paid apps on Amazon UK, US and Germany. Sea of Giants has been made for the iOS, Android, Kindle and Nook platforms.
Sea of Giants has an amazing review average of 4.2 on Google Play from 219 reviewers. We have proven ourselves by creating high quality apps in terms of graphics, sound and programming.
We use some of the latest standard industry technology for game development, including Unity3D, Corona SDK and Gideros SDK.
We have expert artists in visual development for the production of industry quality 2D and 3D graphics.
We cater to large and small companies including some of the industry giants such as Electronic Arts and Big Fish games. And some of our smaller clients are Vast Game Studio, Voltz Game Studio, Zoolax Inc. and Phasespace among others.
We have even served individuals who have requested personal work such as Kevin Kaska (who is the music orchestra lead on many Hollywood films such as The Dark Knight and Man of Steel).
So if you are a small or a large company, we have the experience and track record to guarantee professional quality results with our great passion and dedication all at an affordable price. If you are not convinced or have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We promise that you will become a permanent customer of ours after your first order.

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Why are we your best bet?

It is simple math.

High End Results + Economical Prices + Extra Passion = Satisfied Clients.

We will provide you with the best quality work at a very economical price for small and large companies.
With the global economical crisis underway, your company (big or small) should make the best out of its financial resources and that is why we are your best choice.


Our Values:

- Focus on high standards

- Client satisfaction

- Meeting client's vision

- Meeting tight deadlines

- Learning and expanding

- Using the latest software and technology

- Working with the best

- A + A = A , Attitude + Skills = Amazing results


- Character Concept, Environment Concept, Key Moment Concept, Vehicle Concept, Prop Design

- Story Boards, UI Design, Graphic Design, Advertising

- 3D Animation(Low &High), 3D Props(Low &High), 3D environment(Low &High), 3D Character(Low &High)

- Video Production, Matte Painting, Game Development.