CG Blue Planet:

Canadian based CGBluePlanet Studio is one of the best providers of external digital entertainment production.
CGBluplanet helps clients leverage outsourcing to generate the extra flexibility their projects demand. CGBlueplanet provides high quality digital entertainment production including Graphic Design, 2D art, 3D art, Matte painting and 3D animation.
Our clients are leading video game and film companies looking to increase their production capacity while keeping costs under control. Our focus is based on delivering the highest quality within the project deadline.CGBlueplanet With over 30 employees can manage any project of any size.
CGBlueplanet is founded by Veteran Art director/Concept artist Boali Dash in 2010, who is now acting as the CEO/Lead Art Director of CGBluePlanet.



Boali Dash: CEO/Lead Art Director


Why are we your best bet?

It is simple math.

High End Results + Economical Prices + Extra Passion = Satisfied Clients.

We will provide you with the best quality work at a very economical price for small and large companies.
With the global economical crisis underway, your company (big or small) should make the best out of its financial resources and that is why we are your best choice.


Our Values:

- Focus on high standards

- Client satisfaction

- Meeting client's vision

- Meeting tight deadlines

- Learning and expanding

- Using the latest software and technology

- Working with the best

- A + A = A , Attitude + Skills = Amazing results


- Character Concept, Environment Concept, Key Moment Concept, Vehicle Concept, Prop Design

- Story Boards, UI Design, Graphic Design, Advertising

- 3D Animation(Low &High), 3D Props(Low &High), 3D environment(Low &High), 3D Character(Low &High)

- Video Production, Matte Painting